Choice of Viking MOD APK v1.0.9 2023 (Mod Menu, Unlimited Boosted)

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DeveloperChoice of Games LLC
Mod InfoMOD MENU, Unlimted Boosted
GenreRole Playing
Last UpdatedOctober 26, 2023
File Size11.13 MB
Get It OnPlay Store
RequiresAndroid 5.0 and up
  • Mod Menu
  • Unlimited Resources
  • Unlocked Levels
  • Premium Access


Experience yourself on a text-based voyage through ancient Iceland, a nation at the crossroads of faiths, political upheavals, and mythological clashes. “Choice of Viking MOD APK” gives you the quill of fate to etch your path in 910 AD aboard a Viking longship sponsored by the Norwegian monarch. Faced with the perilous wildness of the new territory and the relentless harshness of your fellow settlers, your manoeuvres must be as swift as a reindeer and as lethal as the winter cold.


As the thrill of possible fame collides with the tension of survival, be prepared to fight off wandering dead, wrestle with political power, and bargain with magical creatures. Your leadership saga could change Iceland’s fate, a testament to your saga in this extraordinary game of strategy, survival, and spirituality. Will you ascend or descend? Only time and your choices will reveal the truth. Prepare for an exciting adventure with “Choice of the Viking Novel.”

What is the Choice of Viking MOD APK?

The Viking’s Choice mod APK is a subtly altered version of the original game experience that brings the thrilling voyage of old Viking exploits to your Android device. This version has been modified, or modded, to allow players to dig deeper and faster into the game by removing certain usual constraints. It typically includes features like unlocked levels, premium content, or even a limitless supply of game resources.

Choice of Viking MOD APK Features:

Political Influence

Attend the ‘Althing’, the grand assembly, shaping the socio-political landscape of Iceland for generations.

Mastery of Magic

Harness the power of spiritual songs and perform extraordinary magical acts to overcome obstacles and adversaries.

Dynamic Faith System

Choose between dedicating your land to the Christian church or paying homage to the Older Norse gods, impacting the spiritual and political atmosphere of your dominion.


Economic Strategy

Specialise your domain and people to focus between farming, trading, scholarship, or raiding, each necessitating and fostering unique skills and resources.

Dark Fantasy Elements

Face the horrifying threat of the walking dead—possibly even your own zombified ancestors—adding a chilling survival aspect to the game.

Mythical Encounters

Experience meetings with fantasy beings, from negotiating with elves and walking with giants to a confrontation with the mighty Thor!

Diplomatic Relations

Form alliances through negotiations or provoke intense feuds with neighbouring chieftains to navigate the treacherous political terrain of Viking-era Iceland.

Rule Choice

Decide how you want to run your territory—as an unyielding autocrat or taking the first steps towards a nascent democracy.

Engrossing narrative

an extensive 310,000-word text-based narrative that adapts to your choices, making for a deeply engaging and replayable experience.

Immerse yourself in “Choice of the Viking” today and forge your destiny through strategy, diplomacy, combat, and magic—the choice is yours!

How do I download the Viking MOD APK?

  • 1. Start the download: Look for the “Download APK” button and click on it. Make sure your Internet connection is stable for an uninterrupted download.
  • 2. Authorise Third-Party Installations: Navigate to the settings of your device and select the Security tab. Enable “Unknown Sources” here to authorise installation from outside the Google Play store.
  • 3. Find the Downloaded APK File: Once the download is complete, locate the downloaded APK in the downloads folder in your device’s internal storage.
  • 4. Install the Mod APK: Start the installation by selecting the APK file. Wait for the process to complete.
  • 5. Dive Into the Game: The game should now be readily accessible on your device. Launch it and begin your immersion into the Viking era.

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Choice of the Viking MOD APK” is a well-crafted interactive historical fantasy game that provides an immersive experience. Its deep narrative, dense world, and the player’s important role as a decision-maker make it a captivating choice for strategy and history enthusiasts. However, navigating the “Choice of the Viking” mod APK warrants caution and deliberation since it’s an unauthorised modification and may impose security hazards.


Q. What is “Choice of the Viking” about?

The game is an immersive text-based interactive historical fantasy game set in 10th-century Iceland, where users’ choices affect the direction of their saga.

Q. Is “Choice of the Viking” single-player, multiplayer, or both?

“Choice of the Viking” is a single-player game, with the narrative unfolding according to the choices you make.

Q. How can players ensure their devices’ safety while downloading the game?

It’s recommended to download games and their updates from official stores like the Google Play Store or from our secure website.

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